Newborn Hearing Screening

Early diagnosis and intervention can profoundly and positively impact a child's success, both in the classroom and in life.

The Ear to Hear foundation is aimed to provide an active public education program on the need for universal newborn hearing screening programs. Brochures, videos, CDs, and posters are being distributed to health care professionals, new parents, public servants, and to encourage adoption of Early Hearing Detection and Intervention programs.

Newborn hearing screening is a gentle, non-invasive test that can identify a potential hearing problem at birth or shortly after. Babies identified with a hearing loss will then experience early intervention, so that the crucial communication development in their early years is not compromised. Ear to Hear foundation supports the screening for all children as early as possible.

Signs of Hearing Loss in Children:

    • * Your child's “baby talk” is not progressing or their speech/language development is delayed or difficult.
    • * They complain that their ear(s) hurt, or they have frequent ear infections.
    • * They have difficulty locating sounds.
    • * They often speak too softly or too loudly.
    • * They turn up the TV volume to an excessively high level.
    • * They have behavioural or academic problems; often classified as being inattentive or disruptive, especially during listening activities.
    • * They often ask, "What?"
    • * Their speech sounds different or they don’t speak clearly.
    • * Their language is characterized by a reduced vocabulary where words are often missing endings.

  • Research shows that when babies are diagnosed and treated for hearing loss by six months of age, their ability ot learn language are higher with no evidence of developmental delays as seen in children who are diagnosed after six months.

    How we measure Sound - decibels (dB)

    db -- Sound
    Threshold of human hearing (with healthy ears)
    Human breathing at 3 meters
    In a Theatre without no one talking
    Residential area at night
    Inside in a quiet restaurant
    Office or inside a restaurant
    Busy traffic at 5 meters
    Vacuum cleaner at 1 meter; curbside of busy street
    Loud factory; heavy truck at 1 meter
    Jackhammer at 2 meter
    Accelerating motorcycle at 5 meter; chainsaw at 1 meter
    Rock concert; jet aircraft taking off at 100 meters
    Threshold of pain; train horn at 10 meters
    Rifle being fired at 1 meter
    Jet engine at 30 meters
    Rocket engine at 30 m; Krakatoa explosion at 160 km in air
    Inside a tornado; conventional or nuclear bomb
    explosion at 5 meters