We encourage and provide guidance for hearing screenings to the infants and if necessary, we connect them to the Doctors and Educators who can best serve their needs. The following are just a few of the organizations are in communication and working with to  realize our mission:



We need the help of Doctors, especially Gynecologists & Pediatricians, Educationalists, and the informed public to spread the need of “Early Hearing Detection and Intervention” of infants. We can connect those needy parents to  resources available in the city. You are most welcome to be our partner and if desire so, please contact us at info@eartohear.org.


We look forward to enrolling of  as many volunteers as possible.  As a volunteer, you can help us in  variety of ways depending on your area of interest. As a volunteer at “Ear to Hear”, you will be provided with  hands-on experience on this subject including  hearing screenings. You will have opportunity to participate and offer your creative ideas in creating public awareness and means of realizing our goals. If you would like to be a volunteer, please feel free to send an email to info@eartohear.org, expressing  your interest and your background.


If you would like to donate to Ear to Hear, please zap an email to info@eartohear.org.
Your contribution would go towards obtaining high-quality screening equipment and management of the program. We will keep you posted of the progress periodically on the  progress we made in realizing  our goals.