Speech – Language Assessment

Speech-Language assessment should measure language production, language comprehension, nonverbal communication and gesture (including gaze and joint attention in young children), Pragmatic and figurative language, prosody rhythm, volume, and content of speech.

By age 3, kids should be able to pronounce, ‘t’ ’d’,’n’ and a few other consonants”,

Says Richmond Buran “A familiar listener, such as a parent or caregiver, should be able to understand 75% of what the child says. By age 5, children should be able to say most speech sounds.”

Children who don’t speak much or all may have a language delay. One indication of language delay is if your 2-year-old cannot say approximately 50 words nor combine words to communicate something.

Adults may undergo speech and language evaluations for a variety of reasons including but not limited to difficulty pronouncing sounds or words. Speaking clearly, retrieving and using familiar words understanding words they hear speaking fluently remembering peoples/places/events, and swallowing in evaluation. we will assess voice fluency, language, and cognition, Swallowing.

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